I'm Leanne! I'm 20 years old and working hard to become skinnier, fitter, and just happier. I'm using this blog as motivation to eat healthy and exercise a lot. I Feel free to ask me any questions!

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my ultimate goal!

this is a post that I made a long time ago when I had just made my tumblr.
I think there are a couple things wrong with it that I want to point out.
Having a fitblr has taught me that you can rock a pair of nike pros at any size/weight/fitness level. Its all about what you feel good about and what makes you happy.
When I first made my blog this concept was foreign to me and I’m really thankful that over time the fitblr community has taught me that body acceptance is a thing, and its an important one. Im glad you all of the fitblr community opened my eyes up to this.
anyway basically I feel blessed that tumblr has allowed me to grow into a more accepting person - both of myself and others. 

also lets be honest with ourselves that edit was tacky as hell

I love everything about this <3
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Patricia snaps her S-curvish lean back

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Words of Emotion
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Need more serratus